Dreadlock Maintenance

When you come for a maintenance session here at Southern Dreadlocks you can choose what style of maintenance you would prefer. We can offer advice if you're not sure what would best suit your current dreadlock style.


The options for maintenance include: crochet only, crochet plus interlocking, interlocking only, or our own method  that we have developed that we call outerlocking.

Our preferred method for maintenance is crochet.

OUR STYLE OF INTERLOCKING IS NOT TRADITIONAL INTERLOCKING. That method of dreadlock maintenance permanently damages locks, and we will never use it here.

We offer maintenance in two session lengths; Roots n Regrowth and Top to Bottom.

On the average head of dreads with 3 - 6 months of new growth, Roots and Regrowth sessions usually take 1-3 hours for crochet or interlocking plus crochet. Interlocking only  takes around 1 hour.

Top to Bottom sessions take longer as every inch of dread is tidied up from root to tip.


$50 per hour monday-friday

$60per hour sat-sun & public holidays

Longer than 8 hours in duration incurs an additional $20 per hour

Call for an appointment 0407 720 789

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