Dreadlock Installation

Are you ready to take the plunge and have a set of dreadlocks installed in a relaxing and fun atmosphere? Come, enjoy a chai, sit for a bit and have a chat about how you want your dream set of dreads created. There are lots of options available, and I can explain them all in a free consult.

But how do we make dreadlocks here at Southern Dreadlocks?

My preferred method is a combination of rip n twist and crochet. The result is a denser dread right from the start.

While this method is my preferred way to make dreadlocks, I'm happy to make your set with backcombing or straight crochet.  If you select backcombing I would recommend crochet to finish them, but I will work with you to design exactly the set you're wanting. The installation method certainly does shape how the dreads will look once they're mature.

There are also a few different choices when it comes to sectioning the hair. This includes:

All give a slightly different look to the end result.


Measuring from the crown to the bottom length of hair

10-20 cm: $350

21-40 cm: $500

41-60 cm: $600

61-80 cm: $700

81-100 cm: $800

There is a minimum charge of $250 for any install.

Please see our FAQ page for more information.

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