Dreadlock Extensions

Our aim is always to make your extensions look as seamless as possible. Our permanent single ended dread extensions can be made of either human hair or wool. They are installed using our crochet method and do not need to be removed.

We only human hair we use is donated to temples in India. It is given in love and is the best quality available.The price of the human hair includes a $40 hair preparation fee which covers our time to order the hair as well as washing and drying it three times to get it ready to dread.


Double or Single Ended Dreads:

These are temporary dreads that can stay in place for 3 months before needing to be removed and reinstalled. A great way to trial having dreads to see if you're ready to commit to them. Or a fun cosplay accessory!

Double ended dreads are made of wool, while single ended dreads can be made of either wool or human hair.

Double ended wool dreads are fantastic for adding bulk and length.


Installation of Extensions (installation only):

$65 per hour monday-friday

$70 per hour sat-sun & public holidays

Average install time is 10 dreads per hour for permanent pre-made extensions.

Human Hair Costs:

The below costs can vary according to the amount needed, use of multiple colours and length.

Basic costs for a full head (hair supply only):

16 inches of length - $300 

20 inches of length - $450 

24 inches of length - $600

Creation of Human Hair Extensions (time to make the extensions only):

The below costs are for the average head of dread extensions (50-70 of average thickness). Costs may vary if more extensions are needed.

16" $320

20" $480

24" $640

We can also create accent sets that are either permanent, temporary or clip in. Call us for a quote.

Wool Extensions:

From $10 each for single or double ended dreads. The price per extension comes down when ordering a half or full head of extensions.

Example of costing:

Dreading your natural 20cm hair: $400

16" hair:

$ 300

Preparation of pre-made extensions $320

Extension installation:


Total cost: $1170